Happy Devil and UnHappy Angel

Happy Devil and UnHappy Angel

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Happy Devil and UnHappy Angel
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Happy Devil and UnHappy Angel Overview


Happy Devil and UnHappy Angel is a brand new platform-adventure game for 2 players from our website, one, where, as usual, cooperation and teamwork is the key, which is why we are positively sure that you are going to have quite a blast with it starts to finish, just like we did, and we hope that you and your friend are ready to put in the effort!

Start the adventures of Happy Devil and UnHappy Angel!

Use WAD for one character and the ARROWS for the other one, so that you move and jump, having to avoid getting into the spikes, getting blown up by TNT, or brought down by any of the other kinds of traps and obstacles along the way because if even one of your two title characters dies, you both lose.

Along the way, collect as many gold bars as you can for a big score, and know that if you see monsters, they are also deadly. But, you can kill them, doing so by jumping on top of their heads, a popular mechanic in the world of these games. Now that we're sure you understood everything with ease, start the co-op adventure, and don't stop, since more great games are in the works!

How to play?

Use WASD and the ARROWS.

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