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Noob Shop

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Noob Shop
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Noob Shop Overview


Noob Shop is not a shop where they sell Noobs, silly, but it is the shop that has been started by this blocky character, and it is his first time doing something like this, which is why he needs all the help in the world that he can get, something we hope you offer to him right now by playing the game, whose simple gameplay we will explain right now, making sure you have no problems playing!

Let's run the best Noob Shop online!

Use WASD or the mouse to move around on computers, using touch controls and phones and tablets, controlling Noob around the shop and outside of it too. Use the first money that you took as a loan to buy the counter and the shelves of the shop, and then create stations for making produce.

Take those products and put them on shelves, stock them right, and then sell to the customers, using the money you earn to invest in even more shelves, more kinds of products, diversifying your target customer base, and in no time you will grow into the most popular shop in town!

It's quite an exciting adventure to be a business manager like this, even more so in the blocky world, so we hope you start the experience right now, after which we are promising you even more great content all day long!

How to play?

Use WASD or the mouse.

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