Noob Vs Blue Monster

26.05.2022 2.957 52 votes

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What is Noob Vs Blue Monster?

Noob Vs Blue Monster

Noob Vs Blue Monster is a perfect combo between Minecraft Games and Poppy Playtime Games, currently two of our most popular categories, so of course, we could not have missed an opportunity to share this crossover where the Noob faces his biggest threat so far, Huggy Wuggy!

Help the Noob defeat the Blue Monster!

Move and jump using the WASD keys/ARROW keys if playing on a PC, use the special touch control on mobile devices, and know that you can use double jumping.

As Huggy Wuggy chases the Noob through the courses, avoid the traps, obstacles, pits, and dangers, maybe other enemies as well, and collect coins to increase your score a lot by the time you finish each level.

It's that simple, so let all the fun begin right away after which we definitely invite you to keep playing our other games, you will immediately see why they are the best!

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How to play?

Use the WASD keys.