Cat Parkour: The Legend of Bread

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What is Cat Parkour: The Legend of Bread?

Cat Parkour: The Legend of Bread

Parkour games online in 3D can only be even better if they feature cats as the character you get to run and jump together with, which is why our team is now highly elated to share with you this new game, Cat Parkour: The Legend of Bread, where we've just had an amazing time ourselves, and we are now sure that the very same is going to be true for you as well!

Let's do Cat Parkour and make The Legend of Bread true!

Use WASD to move the cat through the world, which is quite big, and press the spacebar to jump, so that you advance past all the pits, jumping over them, as well as other kinds of obstacles and traps that might appear, while you need to make sure to collect as many coins as you can for a big score. Press the spacebar twice to double jump, if needed.

There is also bread to collect, tons of interesting and certainly useful power-ups you can use, and while each new course gets more difficult than the one before it, but also more fun, guaranteed! Good luck, enjoy, and make sure to invite your friends to play our amazing games too!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys and the spacebar.

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