Forgotten Hill The Third Axis

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What is Forgotten Hill The Third Axis?

Forgotten Hill The Third Axis

Forgotten Hill The Third Axis is the newest horror game 3D that our team is incredibly delighted to share with you all on our website right at this moment, since we know that this is a format you are never getting tired of, even more so if they are also puzzle-adventure games all at the same time, just like we will now present you, with us telling you more about the game right now, don't worry!

Can you survive in the Forgotten Hill The Third Axis online?

Use the mouse to interact with the world you have been put in, the Forgotten Hill, where the Third Axis gives you tons of monsters, demons, and scary things to face.

Use the mouse to interact with your surroundings, find clues to unravel mysteries, and make sure that you also pick out items to use, both in battle and in finding a way out.

Those are the basics, so now that you know them, you are definitely ready to start this game, which we then hope to see you share with as many of your friends as possible!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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