Don't Fall Off the Platform

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What is Don't Fall Off the Platform?

Don't Fall Off the Platform

Don't Fall Off the Platform is a new hypercasual sandbox game in 3D we are now happy to share with you all in the Roblox Games category, because you and all the other characters from it will look like the avatars from this multiplayer world, and we will now teach you what you have to do and how, so that you can start enjoying the game right away!

Make sure you Don't Fall Off the Platform to win!

Use WASD to move and space to jump. What you need to do is hang on the platform as it opens up holes, splits into different parts, rotates parts of it, and makes it so that players fall off from it, and your goal is to hang on until you are the final player standing to win.

The more you can survive without falling, the more cash you earn in return, even if you end up losing, and you can buy new skins to use. We wish you the best, fun as only here is possible, and maybe you will invite your friends to play this too!

How to play?

Use WASD and space.

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