WuggyMissy Change

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What is WuggyMissy Change?

WuggyMissy Change

WuggyMissy Change is a new platform-adventure game online featuring Huggy Wuggy and Kissy Missy from Poppy Playtime Games, one of our most popular categories in the last few years, and the fact that you get to control both the characters at the same time should definitely give you enough reasons to check the game out right away!

Change Wuggy and Missy to complete your adventure!

For both characters, in turn, you need to reach the end of the tracks, to the finish line, where you need to collect the sets of stars meant for each of them, while avoiding falling into the traps, pits, or hitting obstacles and dangers that will get you stuck, otherwise, you will lose.

Finish each level before the time granted for it runs out on you. Use WASD or the ARROWS to move and jump with the characters, finishing with one, and then with the other.

It's that simple and exciting, so you have all the reasons to start playing right away, only here, after which we invite you to check out even more of today's games, they're all equally as awesome!

How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.

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