Rapid Rush

Rapid Rush

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Rapid Rush
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Rapid Rush Overview


Rapid Rush is about to make your day even better, as our hypercasual car racing and driving games in 3D usually do, especially when they are as high-quality as this game presents itself to be, and you are going to surely agree with us as soon as you start playing it, but before that, we would like to give you details on what and how to do it so that you can give your best from the get-go!

Start the Rapid Rush online right now!

You will have the car going forward in a straight line, and when you hold the mouse on the screen, it takes turns, and when you release it, it starts going straight again.

Do so to get to the end of each course, without falling from the sky, which is where the roads are in this game, and try collecting as many coins as possible along the road to use in buying new cars to drive.

That is it, so now that you know, you should feel confident enough to play the game yourselves, and have fun as only here is made possible, day after day, hour after hour!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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