FNAF Burger

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What is FNAF Burger?

FNAF Burger

FNAF Burger is one of the very few cooking games that this category of Five Nights at Freddy's Games has had for you up until now, which is why we are positive that we've gotten your interest in it, and to make sure that you also have a blast, we will now explain what and how to do it, so the fun can begin right away!

Let's cook the most delicious (and scary) FNAF Burger online!

Start off by picking up the ingredients you need from the kitchen, placing them down just like shown, and then you need to follow the instructions to make the buns, the meat, the sauces, and toppings that go into the burger, following Freddy's instructions by clicking where shown, as he is the main chef!

It's that easy, and we're sure you will create a burger that is fit more for animatronics than humans, which will be one of the best new experiences you have had in this category so far!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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