DOP Stickman - Jailbreak

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What is DOP Stickman - Jailbreak?

DOP Stickman - Jailbreak

DOP Stickman - Jailbreak is yet another new and fascinating puzzle game with drawing, where a stickman has been falsely imprisoned in jail, and he now needs to get out, something only you can help him with, by using your drawing skills, something we will now teach you more about, so you can begin having fun right away!

Help the Stickman with his Jailbreak in a new DOP game online!

In each level, the stickman prisoner has a problem, such as having no toilet paper, a window with light, he can't call his girlfriend, and others, so with the mouse you draw the missing parts, and if you are right, they appear as in the original, and you clear the level.

Of course, each new puzzle gets a little bit more difficult than the last one, but guaranteed more fun as well, so feel free to start right now, only here, after which our team will present you with even more great games to play!

Game Walkthrough

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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