SuperBattle 2

SuperBattle 2

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SuperBattle 2
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SuperBattle 2 Overview


SuperBattle 2 is a hypercasual and hyperactive game with 2 players that is going to present you with a lot of skill, sports, and action elements in one, as this is one of those games comprised of multiple mini-ones, but they are going to be given to you randomly, so you never know what you get to do, which makes things more interesting all at the same time!

Win the SuperBattle 2 online, solo, or in two players!

Whether you have to avoid getting burned by volcano lava, shoot balls into hoops with pinball levers, or do it with a regular ball on the court, shoot one another, play with bubbles, or anything else, one player uses A, and the other one uses Up, and for mobile users, there are direct touch controls on the screen.

All the mini-games are timed, meaning that the player that gets the most points before the given time runs out (which you also choose), wins.

Before playing each challenge you get the instructions you require to do a great job, so follow them, and if a game comes up again, you will be doing even better at them, for sure! Let's start right now, and maybe invite even more of your friends to try it out!

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