Duck X Target

Duck X Target

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Duck X Target
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Duck X Target Overview


Duck X Target is the newest duck shooter game online, but, this time, the ducks are not real, but they are made instead out of wood, as they are part of a game at a fair, where shooting them is going to bring you other toys and rewards, such as points, of which we hope to see you make as many as possible!

Hone your shooting skills with Duck X Target online!

Aim and shoot using the mouse or touch control, so that you take down the wooden duck targets, no matter if they are red, blue, green, or other colors, and when other animals appear, such as squids, make sure to hit them too, since that might mean even more points to make.

You finish a level if you've filled up the progress bar on the left, which happens when shooting the targets, but know that every time you shoot a duck with an X on it, you lose points and progress, so make sure you're avoiding them, so look carefully at the game!

It's that simple, and we hope you keep breaking your records one after another, and that you have an incredible fun time as only here is possible, we invite you to come back for fun tomorrow as well!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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