MathPup Math Adventure 2

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MathPup Math Adventure 2
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What is MathPup Math Adventure 2?

MathPup Math Adventure 2

MathPup Math Adventure 2 is here to show you that math games online can also be platform-adventure games all at the same time, combining learning with fun in one of the best ways we've ever seen before here on our website, and fi you tried the first game in the series already, you will love this, or you can start right from this one and still have a real awesome time!

Go on a Math Adventure with MathPup online!

To finish a level you have to walk with the dog through the door, but for that, you first need the key, which only appears after you've resolved the equations. Block with the numbers missing from the equations will be in front of you, and you need to collect them to fill up the gaps. Use the arrow keys to move and jump with the pup.

If you need to change the equation that is selected to grab the right number for it, you will have to jump on the platform, and each time the bracket changes to the equation below. Get all the math equations right, get the key, and then reach the next level, where a new adventure in this vein with educational elements awaits you. Enjoy!

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