Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure

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What is Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure?

Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure

Playing Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure for free on our website is one of the best ways that you can re-experience the whole story of Goku, the young kid from Dragon Ball, in this platform-action-adventure mash-up game where you go from one fight to another to develop Goku as a character and future Z fighter that will save the world!

Can you complete the Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure?

The controls you need to use in this emulated game are the arrow keys, CTRL key (R), shift (L), Z (A), and X (B). These are the keys you need to know to move, jump, run, kick and punch, and use combinations of attacks on your enemies.

Meet Master Roshi and train under him, defeat the Red Ribbon Army who wants to take control of the world with the Dragon Ball, or the ultimate enemy of the series, the green alien known as Piccolo.

Let all the fun begin right now and here, and make sure to invite your friends for it as well, we are highly positive they are also going to really enjoy this experience!

How to play?

Use the arrows, Z, X, CTRL, Shift keys.

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