Math Magic Battle

Math Magic Battle

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Math Magic Battle
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Math Magic Battle Overview


Playing maths games online is not only educational, but also really fun, and this is true even more so if a game like that has other elements into it, such as action, adventure, fighting, magic, and creatures, all of which will now create a complete package with the amazing new game called Math Magic Battle!

Use math to get enough magic power to defeat all the evil creatures!

In this game, there will be three locations to explore in total, but you have to unlock the latter two by finishing the first level, and you will go through multiple kinds of operations, such as addition, multiplying, division, and many more, all useful in real life, as they are in battle.

Monsters are going to attack you and come towards you, and before they can reach you and hurt you, make sure that you answer the math question given to you at the top.

You will see the math question, and underneath it, there are four possible answers that you can choose from, and if you pick it right, you shoot magic at the creature and stop it, gaining points in return.

This is how you strive to defeat all the creatures, something you should keep at until there are no more enemies, and you have cleared each of the levels. Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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