Bomber XXL

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Bomber XXL
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What is Bomber XXL?

Bomber XXL

Bomber XXL is one of the best airplane shooting games online, another place in this genre that takes place during the time of the World War, when military planes were going at each other in the sky for supremacy, which you will attempt to do here as well, controlling one of the best bombers in history, with which you should try to see how many enemy planes you can take out in this dogfight!

Fly the Bomber XXL plane and win the war!

Use the mouse to fly, and to shoot your rockets and bombs you can alternatively use the left mouse button and the right mouse button, both of them using different kinds of weapons attached to your plane, with the goal being to finish off all the enemy planes in a stage, and then defeat the ones from the next one.

When you finish a stage by defeating all the enemies in it, a new wave comes, but between them, you get dropped aid from other planes, through parachutes, such as more rockets and bombs, additional firepower, health bonuses, and maybe even speed, all to help you for the next wave.

Each new round of military planes you need to take out becomes bigger and stronger than the last, so make sure you're measuring up to them and never give up, since that is not the mentality that will win the war!

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How to play?

Use the mouse.

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