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Published02.12.2023 is a 2D battle royale game online inspired by the likes of Fortnite, but with all of its elements simplified, as you can see, but retaining the fun multiplayer aspect, which is played out in an IO format, with our team having already played this awesome game ourselves, so we can now confidently explain it to you, so you can start having the same awesome time with it!

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You find yourselves on an island filled with explosive barrels, of which you should stay away, but if you can shoot them so that they explode near other players and make them, you will dominate, as your goal is to take down the others before they can do that to you first.

Use weapons such as knives, guns, grenades, and more, while you should build defensive walls to protect yourselves from the attacks of the other players on yourself. That's mostly what to do in the Death Match and Battle Royale modes, while the Zombie one has endless streams of zombies that attack you, which you must survive.

Use WASD to move, space to land, the E key to pick up items, and the mouse buttons for attacking or defending. We wish you good luck and lal the best, inviting you to tell your friends to play this too, and you might meet each other in the game's rooms!

How to play?

Use the mouse, WASD keys, spacebar, E key.

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