Sugar Crash

Sugar Crash

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Sugar Crash
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Sugar Crash Overview


Sugar Crash is a new adventure game featuring a kid character called Mr. Sugar, who wants to have a sweet adventure, but not one too sweet, where you will be using your skills and timing to help him bounce around, something that is already really fun to do, even more right now, as we will explain what and how to do it, worry not!

Let's go on a Sugar Crash online!

To keep Mr. Sugar moving, use the mouse, making sure to not let the blood sugar get too high, preventing it from happening by giving him a nap to take. To complete a level you have to bounce through all the happy loops in the course to make them turn yellow, and collect all of the balloons along the way.

If the boy falls to the ground too many times, without being bounced back up by Mr. Sugar cube, you will lose, so don't let that happen too many times. It's that simple, so feel free and confident to begin right now, and stick around with us all day long, since more simple and fun games are still going to be brought over just for you!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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Gabriel Jensen

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