Sugar Sugar 3

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What is Sugar Sugar 3?

Sugar Sugar 3

Sugar Sugar 3 is one of those classic puzzle games with drawing that might have inspired the whole genre, at the end of the day, having been the trilogy ender, a trilogy that would not have happened if kids and adults would not love it as much as they did, which is why we are now sharing it with you all, inviting you to see for yourself what's it about, even more so if you are new to the format!

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In each of the thirty levels of this game, which become progressively more difficult, your main task is to get the sugar into the cups, with it falling from the top of the screen. To direct the sugar use the mouse to draw lines on which for it to fall, and if it reaches the cup until 100 cubes are inside, you will have cleared the level.

Of course, various obstacles and items are placed to make it difficult for you to achieve your goal, so figure out the best paths to draw the lines and achieve your purpose. Good luck, we wish you the very best, and hope to see you around all day long, we've got more surprises coming, of course!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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