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Agent Turnright

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Agent Turnright
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Agent Turnright Overview


Agent Turnright is an amazing new skill, action, and reaction time game online that we offer you, a pixelated game you are bound to enjoy from start to finish just like we did, where you play the role of an agent who has lots of missions to complete, such as escaping, surviving, or destroying, with each new level bringing about a new challenge for you all!

Help Agent Turnright complete all his missions!

With the mouse you will click to make the agent, well, turn towards the right, which is what happens, as that is the only movement you need to make, but sometimes that changes into things such as jumping.

In the first level, you have to make turns to be able to grab the key and enter through the exit doors, in another one you jump from one train car after another, or you have to tap to shoot down the helicopter which is aiming at you.

The number of clicks you take to finish each level is counted, so the fewer, the better, and if you die, you immediately get to start over, so you keep trying until you finish each stage.

The best we wish you, as you deserve to have, and we hope that you're sticking around for many more fun new games to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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