Ribbon Snip Frenzy

Ribbon Snip Frenzy

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Ribbon Snip Frenzy
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Ribbon Snip Frenzy Overview


Ribbon Snip Frenzy is an original creation of our team, a puzzle game set during the period of Christmas we are currently in, which had been inspired by cut-the-rope games, as you will see, but many other kinds of logic games where your brain is put to test and made better all at the same time. We will now give you plenty of instructions to make sure that you can play it with ease!

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In each level you have to complete them by getting the Christmas Tree globe into the gift box, with the globe being attached to a rope that you have to cut, doing so by swiping on it. The other helpful element that you have to help you get the globe into the box is the spring.

Use the mouse or touch controls to move the spring around, so that the globe falls on it, and you then have the globe bounce from it into the box, and in some cases you will have to use multiple of them to achieve that goal.

Of course, there are also obstacles and traps, so be wary of the ice blocks, which disappear when hit, or the spikes, and other dangers, and if your globe falls into the air, you also lose a life. Lose three lives, you lose the three stars and have to restart the stage.

Now that you've been taught what and how to do it, feel free and ready to begin playing the game, after which we hope you play even more of our original games!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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