Winter CosmoFest

Winter CosmoFest

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Winter CosmoFest
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Winter CosmoFest Overview


Winter CosmoFest is a dress up game online for both girls and boys alike, one that is set in the world of Honkai Games, which are gacha games that have become really popular in Japan but outside of it too, and we still recommend the game even if you don't know them, as it stands as quite an awesome experience, where you dress up both a boy and a girl avatar from this beloved series!

Let's dress up the Honkai boy and girl for the Winter CosmoFest online!

The process of dressing up and changing the look of the two avatars works the same in both cases, beginning with makeup, where you use blush, lipstick, eys-shadow, change the eyebrows, and even the eye color of the two characters if you wish to personalize them.

The middle stages are the ones where you pick out their hairstyles, and for the third part, dress them up by choosing the costume you like the most, with plenty of options to pick from in both their wardrobes! It's as simple and fun as you can see, so start right away, and don't hesitate to tell your friends to do the very same!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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