Migration: Flappy Duck

Migration: Flappy Duck

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Migration: Flappy Duck
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Migration: Flappy Duck Overview


Migration: Flappy Duck is our first game added in celebration of the movie with the same name, a movie with birds, which makes a lot of sense considering that this game has been inspired by Flappy Bird Games, a really popular format of skill games, where now a duck needs your help to do it, who are not known for flying, so they really count on you. Let's see how you can be of help, then, shall we? You're also going to be having tons of fun too!

Help the Flappy Duck in its Migration journey!

Start off by choosing the mallard from the film that you want to be:

  • Mack
  • Pam
  • Uncle Dan
  • Dax
  • Gwen

After that, on computers or mobile devices, you will tap to fly and dodge the obstacles, as you also collect coins along the way to multiply your score, and if you want extra lives, you grab the sandwiches. If you hit obstacles until you run out of lives, you have to start your migration flight from the start again.

It's that simple, now you know the rules, so feel free to start flying, having fun, and then stick around to see what more amazing games we're up to sharing with you here today!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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