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What are Flappy Birds Games?

On our website, you will always find a large variety of games categories, so that it is very easy for you to always find the games you want to play, which we’re sure we have proven right now, in case you were looking to play some Flappy Birds Games online, and now you are on the page dedicated for these games, where we are sure that you will love each variation and spin-off to this once hugely-popular mobile game.

The origins of Flappy Bird, one of the most popular mobile apps of the last decade!

The story of Flappy Bird began in 2013, when it was released online as a mobile app created by a programmer from Vietnam, with the bird having previously been part of a past game that he canceled production on. Still, the game did not become instantly popular, but it did pop off one year later, and in 2014 it was one of the most downloaded apps of the year!

Flappy Bird became so popular during a short period of time, becoming really addictive to most who played it, mostly, because of its simple format, but the really hard level of difficulty, so everyone was trying to do better each time they played it. Feeling guilty of how addictive the game became, the author eventually removed it, causing phones who had the app pre-installed to sell on the second-hand market at crazy prices.

A few years later the game has resurfaced, but during this time, there have been many online spin-offs of the original game, with the best of them now being available on our website, and we’re very glad to be sharing them with you!

Instead of the birds, you can play games where the character that flies comes from Fortnite, Five Nights at Freddy’s, My Little Pony, or instead of characters or birds you flap around with basketballs, squares, witches, pigs, or even Santa Claus. There’s something for everyone on this page, that’s for sure!

How to play Flappy Bird Games online:

For those of you who are in this category for the first time, or maybe have never played Flappy Bird online before, allow us to explain to you the simple format of the game, which is the same in most instances on this page, with the things that usually differ being the characters or the graphics.

You have a yellow bird that has to fly between the green pipes on the bottom and top of the screen, and for each pair of pipes that you go through you get points in return, meaning that the more you advance, the bigger your score becomes.

If you play on a mobile phone or tablet, you tap on the screen to make the bird flap and stay in the air, but if you play on computers, the mouse is used for that, clicking when you want to ascend, and releasing when you want to descend.

The pipes are lower or higher, so alternate between ascending and descending to never hit them. Good luck, and we hope that when you’re done with this page, you will continue by trying out even more skill games as only on our website can be found!