Noob vs Bacon Jumping

Noob vs Bacon Jumping

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Noob vs Bacon Jumping
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Noob vs Bacon Jumping Overview


Noob vs Bacon Jumping is one of the best new 2 player games online that you can now find in our already-beloved world of Roblox Games online, where its Noob is going up against another character, called Bacon, to see who is better at jumping platforms, with the kids visiting our website having the chance to embody both characters, something we will now teach you how easy it can be done!

Start the Jumping duel of Noob vs Bacon!

Control one of the characters using the WAD keys to move and jump, and use the Up, Left, and Right arrows for the other one. In the world of platforms, some are static, some move, there are traps, obstacles, and you need to always climb up because if the bottom reaches you, or you fall down, you lose.

The two players will compete to see how to reach the highest platforms, get the bigger score, and collect the most coins along the way. Make sure you're sticking around since there are many more amazing games you can find and play here when done with this one!

How to play?

Use the WAD keys and the ARROWS.

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