New Noob Mommy Long Legs

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What is New Noob Mommy Long Legs?

New Noob Mommy Long Legs

New Noob Mommy Long Legs is a game that manages to combine the Roblox Games and Poppy Playtime Games categories, a combination you don't really see here that often, as you might think of the Noob coming from another open-world blocky world, but this one is new and fresh, and in this game, we're positive you will really enjoy having fun with this scary pink toy as well!

Go on adventures with New Noob and Mommy Long Legs!

Use WASD or the ARROWS to move and jump with the Noob, having to reach the door at the end of each level to clear it, while collecting the hands along the way, both the red and the blue ones, since they are needed for the backpack that can interact with the toy factory.

Mommy Long Legs is using those big feet to chase you, so don't get caught by her, or you lose. This means that you need to advance past the obstacles and jump over them on each level. Of course, any other dangers/obstacles might appear, get past those as well.

We wish you simply the best and tons of fun, inviting you to see what other great games we're sharing with you here today!

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How to play?

Use the WASD/ARROW keys.