Jungle Adventures

Jungle Adventures

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Jungle Adventures
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Jungle Adventures Overview


Jungle Adventures is the latest and one of the best new platform-adventure games, inspired by the likes of Mario, but with a more realistic setting, a jungle, where you will have a time you will never forget, for sure, with a simple gameplay we will now explain for both computer and mobile players, so everyone can give it their best start to finish!

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Use the arrows to move, use space to jump, and use the touch control buttons for the same. Choose a character to begin, and you're ready to set off, as you keep doing great, you can use the money you earn to unlock new characters!

Try reaching as far as possible, checkpoint after checkpoint, while avoiding falling into pits, traps, or other obstacles and dangers. If you see animals, of any kind, avoid them not to lose lives, or jump on top of their head to kill them. Get more lives from the courses. You've only got three, and losing all means losing the entire game.

Make sure you advance and at the same time collect as much fruit as possible. There can also be power-ups, like the magnet, which helps you catch them faster, which you should take and use. We wish you the best, and hope to see you around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the arrows and spacebar.

Tips & Tricks

  • Take magnets to collect the fruit easier.
  • Stomp animals on top of their heads to eliminate dangers.
  • Grab new hearts for more lives.

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