Desert Riders: Car Battle Game

Desert Riders: Car Battle Game

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Desert Riders: Car Battle Game
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Desert Riders: Car Battle Game Overview


Desert Riders: Car Battle Game represents one of the most amazing new hypercasual action games with cars, racing, in 3D, and shooting elements all into one, where you go into a post-apocalyptic world in the desert, similar to that of Mad Max, where people are using their vehicles as weaponry in fights to the death, in which you will take part right now too, something we will teach you how right now, worry not!

Become the best Desert Riders to win the Car Battle Game!

As you will be chased and confronted with motorcycles, cars, tanks, and an increasing array of enemies on vehicles, you need to shoot them up and defeat them by the time you reach the end of the courses, making sure they don't defeat you first instead, as they will bump into you, shoot at you, and place traps.

Hold the mouse or touch controls to fire your cannons at them, and when you're being attacked, unhold the mouse button to dodge, as you will swerve away from them.

As you complete the races and levels, you earn prizes, in the form of new weapons, better ones, as well as power-ups, and even full new vehicles, so make sure you're always upgrading, because your enemies will come in bigger and stronger waves!

Now that you've got the basics down for sure, feel free to begin, and don't stop here, since we've got more great games to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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  • Aiming and shooting headshots will give you extra cash and bonuses!
  • Unlock new models of cars and make upgrades to them to be stronger and faster. Even customize your cars if you wish!
  • Open chests between levels to add weapons to your inventory and become a stronger vehicle!

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