Freddys Nightmares Return Horror New Year

Freddys Nightmares Return Horror New Year

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Freddys Nightmares Return Horror New Year
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Freddys Nightmares Return Horror New Year Overview


Freddy Nightmares Return Horror New Year is the latest horror survival game 3D set in the world of FNAF Games online, which has never made any mistake when it comes to the horror games it has since that is what it is known for, and today will be no exception, with our team having just played it ourselves, so we will now teach you how it goes, so you can begin facing your fears as well!

Return to Freddy's Nightmares for Horror New Year adventure!

Move with WASD, run with shift, jump with space, the mouse to aim and shoot, and change the weapons with its wheel. Use G for grenades, R to reload, and F to interact.

The game is set during New Year's Eve, so there will be snow, devil snowmen, and other enemies, all trying to get you, in addition to the animatronics, your main enemies.

If you're playing in the ESCAPE mode, you need to find all the items required to get out scott-free and banish the animatronics, without getting yourselves killed.

Instead, in the FIGHT mode, you need to shoot down as many animatronics as possible, to survive for a long time, without getting killed by them. We wish you the best, in either mode, and hopefully, you invite your friends to play this game too!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, shift, the mouse, R, G, F.

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