The Dawn of Slenderman

The Dawn of Slenderman

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The Dawn of Slenderman
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The Dawn of Slenderman Overview


The Dawn of Slenderman is going to be an amazing new horror game online in 3D, with survival, action, escape, and more awesome elements, but, most importantly, it features one of the most popular characters in scary creepypasta on the internet, Slenderman, who became quite a meme, and you now get to see his inception, as the title suggests, and survive his first attacks, if you put effort and are lucky enough!

Let's survive The Dawn of Slenderman online!

Get to know the controls you need to use, for starters: move with WASD, run with shift by holding it, jump with space, crouch with CTRL, and pick up items with F. Aim and shoot with the mouse, changing weapons with its wheel, throw grenades with G, reload with R, use V for melee, and X to prone.

Through the woods, you will be haunted by Slenderman, so you must evade him, so either run or hide, but, if you can, shoot him back, no matter how many times it appears. To win the two levels, in either the day or night mode, you have to survive as you shoot down Slenderman, but, most importantly, collect the eight hidden pages, which will banish this monster away. The game is divided into these modes:

  1. Forest Classic
  2. Forest Gun Mode
  3. Suburbia Classic
  4. Suburbia Gun Mode

Face your fears now, and let the fun begin!

How to play?

Use the WASD keys, space, shift, CTRL, the mouse, and the F, G, R, V, X keys.

Tips & Tricks

  • Collect eight pages hidden in the woods to make Slenderman disappear.
  • Play the two levels in both the day and night mode for extra fun!

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