Prison Escape Online

Prison Escape Online

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Prison Escape Online
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Prison Escape Online Overview


Welcome to Prison Escape Online, a game with a title that also reveals its genre, which we know to be a fan-favorite of puzzle game players online, who like something dynamic and thought-provoking, and since the game also features stickmen, there are even more reasons for them to enjoy them, since this is a true and classic combo that never disappoints!

Can you escape the prison online?

The stickman has been imprisoned after he got caught robbing a bank, and now you need to help him escape, first from his jail cell, and then through the hallways, walls, the outside, and other places, all the while making sure not to get caught or die along the way.

How can that happen? Well, through bad decisions. For each situation you are in, from where you need to escape, you are given three items or actions to perform, and you need to pick the one thing that is the best.

If you have, you see it animated, and you clear the level, but you can also see your wrong choices, but you will get a fail, meaning you have to restart the level.

Each new level is harder than the last, of course, but the challenge also makes things more fun, so start right now, so you've got all the time you need for your escape!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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