Mr Hacker: The Museum Hunt

Mr Hacker: The Museum Hunt

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Mr Hacker: The Museum Hunt
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Mr Hacker: The Museum Hunt Overview


Mr Hacker: The Museum Hunt is going to be a really exciting new puzzle and logic game, one with an adventure, as you become a hacker entrusted by a criminal boss to steal diamonds from a museum, as only you can be so good with numbers to do it, as you attempt to hack through one safe after another, something we will teach you how to do!

Go with Mr Hacker on The Museum Hunt!

In each level you've got a safe to hack, doing so by guessing the correct three-digit combination that unlocks it, starting off with a combo made from 1, 2, and 3, but then more available numbers from the keyboard will be given, making the combos harder to get.

Now, you have only as many tries as you can see in the brackets at the top, so if you've tried all the combinations and none worked, the alarm systems start and you get caught, losing the level.

Try it again, thinking of a better strategy, and keep at it, as you will see that the harder the safes are to unlock, the more diamonds you get to take out of them! Enjoy!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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