Glacier Rush

Glacier Rush

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Glacier Rush
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Glacier Rush Overview


Glacier Rush is a new racing and driving hypercasual game in 3D that we fully recommend to each and every one of our visitors, knowing first-hand how awesome it is, in case you're too young to drive snowmobiles in real life, this is perfect for you all, and we're going to teach you how to navigate the snowy glaciers, so you can start ASAP!

Start the Glacier Rush online!

Move using the right and left arrow keys, A and D if that is more comfortable for you, as you navigate through the snow, avoiding the rocks, the snowmen, the snowballs, trees, and other kinds of obstacles that might appear, with the goal of making big distances in your rush. If you hit them, you have to restart, at which point you should focus more next time to get further up ahead!

The tracks are dynamic, and they change with each new run you make, so always keep on your toes! We wish you great focus, determination, and we hope to see you around for more new daily games yet to come, since we've got some awesome ones prepared, as per usual!

How to play?

Use the arrow keys.

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