Grandma Recipe Ramen

Grandma Recipe Ramen

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Grandma Recipe Ramen
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Grandma Recipe Ramen Overview


Cooking Ramen like in Grandma's Recipe is something you've not done before on our website, which makes us very glad that right now we can share this amazing and unique game with you all, knowing first-hand how much of a delightful experience it is, just like the dish, which is a Japanese one, so you might not know how to make it, but we will now teach you more about it, worry not!

Follow Grandma's Recipe to cook the Ramen!

In the first level, Grandma gives you a message with all the ingredients you need, so you have to search for them through the kitchen, fridge, and all around the house to find them, clicking on the arrows to navigate the room, and then clicking on them when spotted.

For the following levels of this game, follow the on-screen instructions to make the ramen according to the recipe, doing the broth, which is the soup, the liquid part, with all of its vegetables, like spring onions or kale, you will cook the meat, which can be chicken, beef, maybe even pork, you make the noodles, the sauces, and put all of them together. Oh, and some eggs too!

You even get the chance to dress up our cook, before she meets with her grandma. It's that simple, so start right now, only here, and stick around for more fun to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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