Diner Dash

Diner Dash

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Diner Dash
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Diner Dash Overview


Diner Dash is yet another magnificent addition to the world of restaurant serving games online, where you make the food fast and give it to the people faster since customers rely on you to eat through the day, and we hope to see you begin slow, but advance quickly into becoming one of the top servers, and make your business grow. More about all of this, allow us to tell you right now!

Let's start a Diner Dash online!

Use the mouse to move around and take action, as you serve the customers in good time because the happier they are, the more points and money you earn. Do not leave them waiting too long, which is seen by their health bar depleting, or they leave upset and you lose future customers, and revenue.

Place customers at tables (after they've been cleaned up), matching them by color with their seats, because doing it like that earns you bonuses. Take their orders, and then make sure that you pick up the correct food from the counter since getting their food wrong is another big no-no!

Hand out the checks when they're done eating, and move on to cleaning up the tables for new customers to use. Rinse and repeat, and aim to do a great job at this diner, making it the best new place in town!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Don't leave customers waiting on food so they don't leave angry!
  • Match people with their seats by color to get bonus money and points.
  • Always grab the right dishes to serve your clients!

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