Bubble Race Party

Bubble Race Party

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Bubble Race Party
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Bubble Race Party Overview


Bubble Race Party is a hypercasual racing game in 2 players! It's also a 3d game, one with funny stickman avatars, and very easy gameplay. It has all the ingredients for a really fun time running, racing, collecting, and building! Let's show you how from our own experience!

Let's win the Bubble Race Party online!

Control your stickman on the map to gather up the bubbles with color in them. You will then take them to one of the bridges, and pour the colored bubbles there. You're aiming to create a river bridge to take you to the next part of the map. Collect bubbles, make bridges, advance, and reach the finish flag to win!

Be the first to cross the finish line to win the race. With the coins you earn, you can buy new hats to put on your avatar!

Race solo or in two players!

If you play by yourselves, race against the characters controlled by the CPU. In the 2P mode, one of your opponents is another player who's using the same device as you, obviously. Here are the controls you can use:

  • Player 1 -  WASD
  • Player 2 - ARROWS
  • You can use any set of keys in the 1P mode, or even the MOUSE
Blow your bubble up with upgrades!

Try knocking down opponents with your bubbles, and definitely use upgrades that fall to take the edge. Grab bombs and make them go boom! Booster boxes can give you speed, invincibility, or more coins. Watch out for doors too, to see where they take you!

The most agile player will win! Will it be you? Maybe you? Play and find out!

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