Ice Drop: GTA 5 Online

Ice Drop: GTA 5 Online

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Ice Drop: GTA 5 Online
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Ice Drop: GTA 5 Online Overview


Welcome to Ice Drop: GTA 5 Online! It's one of the best car tricks games online in 3D! Drive cars from GTA Games through huge ramps and fly into the air! Make crazy stunts, flips, tricks, and jumps, so that you earn a big score! This is not a racing game, it's a car stunts game, so even more exciting!

Start crazy driving with Ice Drop: GTA 5 Online!

You will start off at the top of the tunnel, and then descend on it with your car. You immediately get on a speed boost, which will help you drive and fly into the air. Go down the tunnel until you reach its finish line. Be careful how you drive, so that you don't fall off course. If you fall into the air, you get taken back to the start. Try it again!

As you drive and fly through the tunnel, try to get your landings to stick correctly. Do good landings, and make flips and rotations in the air. Also drifts if you are on the ramp. Doing all these will earn you points. The more points you win, the more new cars you unlock.

Use the WASD keys to drive, and space for the handbrake. Press F to respawn your car. Change the camera with C. Pause with Tab.

While your car is in the air, tilt it to stick your landings: use the WASD keys to tilt your car.

Become the stunt driver you always dreamt about right now, have fun, and be totally safe!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, F, C, Tab.

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