Craft Unblocked

Craft Unblocked

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Craft Unblocked
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Craft Unblocked Overview


Step into the world of Craft Unblocked! One of the best recreations of the original Mine game has now dropped on our website. Whether you want to be creative, or you want to have adventures and action-packed experiences, this game offers both of them, and it will result in one of the best times you could have on our website!

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The world of this game is made of blocks. Everything is blocky! In a first-person view, you navigate it and are able to interact with the environment. Move using WASD, and jump with the spacebar. To mine or place items, use the mouse. Select your items with the number keys from 1 to 9. Throw items with T, and add trees using C.

In this game, you've got a wide map filled with diverse terrain. There is the ground you walk on, with blocks made of stone, rock, or grass. You can even go underwater, with blocks made of water. You can also find trees.

Mine and build!

This is why we encourage the players to try the sandbox mode, which is what you're focused on in this edition of craft games online! This means mining the blocks, which you do by clicking on them. After putting them in your inventory, you can place them. What for?

You can take blocks and build your own structures. You can build a house, you can make a fort, a castle, and any other kinds of structures you can imagine. At the same time, you can create your favorite characters, or maybe items, using the blocks,

Craft the tools for survival!

Take ore, diamonds, stones, and other minerals from your inventory and use them to make tools. You need pickaxes, hammers, and others, which will help you in building, but also survival. Craft swords or bows and arrows, using them to shoot enemies in case they appear. Zombies, Creepers, Skeletons, they are all dangerous!

Get the blocky loot!

Your Steve avatar needs to survive. Find apples and other fruits to eat. Hunt the pigs, and from their skin, make yourselves armor, or clothing. You can also unlock all sorts of skins. Trade minerals and blocks for coins, and go to the shop to buy new skins.

Mine, Craft, Explore, Have fun!

Combine sandbox basics like building or crafting with action, fighting, and survival, so that you can explore the vast world, and conquer it! All this fun, is just one click away, right from your PC's browsers!

How to play?

Use WASD, space, the mouse, 1-9, T, C.

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