Whack Your Soul Mate 2

14.12.2015 21.036 149 votes

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What is Whack Your Soul Mate 2?

Whack Your Soul Mate 2

This is maybe one of the funniest games you've ever played but adventurous in the same time. All of us need love in our life and a real soul mate, a person who can always help us and maintain our psychological state by staying by our side in every possbile situations. Of course, after a while, this feeling between the soul mates, which is called love, transforms itself in a feeling not as strong as love, but almost, named respect, and repsect also transforms in hate at some point. The ex lover from this awesome and amazing game presents you their awkward and funny situation. In the present, they hate each other and they would do anything to hurt and injured each other so you are gonna be that one who thinks plans for their whacking. Do not be gentle with them, be rough and make them feel real pain using some objects which are available for you behind each of them. Good luck and have a lot of fun while you are playing this awesome and awkward game and use the mouse to realize your plans!

How to play?

Use the mouse

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