Kaa's Coconut Challenge

Kaa's Coconut Challenge

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Kaa's Coconut Challenge
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Kaa's Coconut Challenge Overview


Complete Kaa's Coconut Challenge in a new Jungle Book game online! It's a skill game and reaction time game where you try not to get hypnotized. Snakes like Kaa can do it, but if you're vigilant enough, we will escape his crazy eyes! We've already done it, so we have pointers for you all!

Let's take on Kaa's Coconut Challenge!

As Kaa appears on the screen, he's trying to conquer you with his eyes. Distract the snake by bonking him with a coconut. Hit him with the fruit and make him disappear. So, when he appears from behind trees or bushes, click on him. Click and throw a coconut at him!

You get 100 points for each time you hit the snake. Mowgli, Baloo, and King Louie are your friends. When they pop up on the screen, don't click and shoot them with coconuts. If you do, you lose points. If you hit your friends too much, you lose, so don't let it happen!

Watch the time! You're playing against the timer. Before it strikes zero, make sure to hit the snake as much as possible for a big score. As you do it, Kaa also starts moving faster, so be fast too, to knock him out!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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