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What are Hercules Games?

Greek Mythology and Disney fans alike are going to appreciate that our website has a category of Hercules Games online unblocked free of charge, since this demigod hero of the Greek culture, called Heracles, with Hercules being his Roman name, has been made known to audiences from all over the world when Disney released the animated picture of the same name based on him in 1997, where, despite the mixed reception, it produced a direct-to-DVD prequel film called Hercules: Zero to Hero, where we see his teenage years training at an academy for demigods, as well as Disney's Hercules: The Animated Series, with mostly the same premise as that movie.

Join the world of gods with our Hercules Games online!

The film depicts Hercules as the son of Zeus and Hera, who is meant to be Zeus' successor on the throne of Mount Olympus, which is something that Hades, ruler of the underworld and the brother of Zeus is not satisfied with. Instead, he makes a plan to release the Titans to destroy the gods and rule himself, but the prophecy can only happen if Hercules is taken out of the way, or he will interfere and stop it. He plans to strip the baby of his powers with a special potion, but it partially fails, which is why Hercules retains his super-strength, but loses god attributes such as immortality, and is adopted by a human family.

Despite eventually ridding the world of the threat of Titans and thwarting the plan of Hades, 18-year-old Zeus chooses not to go to Mount Olympus with the other gods, but instead remain on Earth, where he has found love in Meg, a former slave to Hades, who has lost her soul to him. It's a story of triumph, overcoming odds, and never giving up, which we hope our games with Hercules will also instill in you, mostly through fighting games such as the Original Hercules Game for PC, now available here, but also through puzzles, hidden items games, and more formats!