Sprinter 2

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What is Sprinter 2?

Sprinter 2
Sprinter is one of the most recent y8 games that we have brought to you today, dear friends because as you can see our marathon of new y8 games, which are so fun, is not over yet and we have a lot of surprises left, surprises that we cannot wait to show you. First of all, we should tell you about the name of this new game like Sprinter.

This name comes from the fact that you, of course, will be in the center of attention as the main character and your mission will be to help your character to run as fast as he cans, because it seems that trough out the entire game you will participate in a lot of 100 meters runs, where it is really important that you be fast. The first rally that you will participate in is called School Child Rally and it seems that in this game your character is still in school and you have to help him win over the other highschoolers. It will not be easy and you might actually fall down, but you have to get back up and help this ambitious character.

Good luck!

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