Super Mario Bros 3

Super Mario Bros 3

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Super Mario Bros 3
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Super Mario Bros 3 Overview


Super Mario Bros 3 is a classic Nintendo game that you can now play online directly from your browsers, or mobile devices, which are great avenues to play games that used to be found only on handheld consoles, as is the case with this classic that is now readily available for modern audiences, as well as for some of you who were already there when maybe this game first came out!

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Use the arrow keys for moving, and X to jump, using Z to interact with the buttons in the main menu. If you're choosing to try the 2-player mode, then you won't control only Mario, but also Luigi, as they, together, are the Super Mario Brothers!

In this new world, you have to run, jump, climb, hop, fly, and advance forward at the end of each level, with the goal of finding princess Peach, who was stolen away by Bowser, along the way you need to get past all the traps, obstacles, and enemies.

If you see creatures, jump on top of their heads to kill them. Hit the blocks with question marks on them to get the coins they are holding, as well as upgrades, which come in the form of mushrooms. The red mushroom makes you bigger, and the green one gives you extra life. If you lose all lives, you lose the game, of course.

If you hit the turtles, make them slide around and hit other enemies, avoid the man-eating plants that spit fire, and jump twice on the Koopas with wings, once to put them to the ground, once more to squash them.

Get past all the obstacles and traps instead, reaching the end of each course, and even if they get more difficult, they also get more fun, and you will be a better player the closer you get to the castle where you save your princess. Enjoy!

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How to play?

Use the arrows to move with Mario, start game with Z, jump with X.

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