Territory War

Territory War

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Territory War
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Territory War Overview


Win the Territory War online in a turn-based strategy game with a war between stickman armies, in a 2-player game online we highly recommend it! Winning land over your foes, reducing their numbers, surprise attacks. All are good options, and we will now show you some strategies we've used, and maybe you can too to win!

Who will win the Territory War online?

One team is red, one team is blue, and, as said, you will go in turns. Leave the mouse to the other player when you're done with your moves. There are two main options to use:

  • moving, which is the offensive option
  • staying, which is the defensive option

We recommend combining offense with defense for the highest chance of success! Also, moving is limited based on the amount of moves you've got.

After choosing between these two, your attack options pop up on the screen:

  • grenade
  • gun
  • boot

Each attack move deals a different amount of damage, and new options get added as you make your troops stronger.

Different folks, different strokes, different attacks!

Use the grenades if you want to make a big explosion and attack far away.

Use the gun to shoot only one target, but what you lose in numbers, you earn in accuracy, as you can even make headshots with it.

Use the boot to knock opponents off the field, which is an instant kill. Other than that, it does not do too much damage.

Choose your mode of play!

The campaign mode has ten missions, and they're already set up in how the maps look, how many enemies you need to defeat, and what artillery you get to use. They get more difficult as you advance through them.

Try the six challenges if you're up for it, where you need to accomplish given targets. They offer great training and awesome rewards!

Players that want to do things their way have the Custom Battle mode. Here you can play against the CPU or versus P2 with the parameters that you set.

No matter how you play, strategize better to win the war, like in real wars!

How to play?

Use the mouse for taking action.

Use the right-left arrows for moving, and space for jumping.

Use the up-down arrows for aiming, and space for shooting.

Tips & Tricks

  • When moving, use the right and left arrow keys, and press space to jump.
  • When shooting or aiming guns and grenades, use the up and down arrows for the angle, and press space to shoot.
  • Use the map's platforms to your advantage: get the high ground!

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