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Published08.10.2019 is a classic Basketball game where you will have to learn how to play this sport as well as you can to gain experience and points in the game. For a start, you will need to know that the game is in the IO GAMES games category, so you will be able to play with other players in the same game, which makes this game a very successful social application.

Basketball matches most often take place on the concrete field, in the school yard, behind a large metal fence, but here you can learn the rules of Basketball. The walls of the field are all drawn with graphite, which makes this game a street one, played on the street. If you start the game, you will have to run as fast as possible on the opposite side of the field to score a basket of 2 or 3 points.

Beware of opponents who are heading towards you to steal your ball, and once you get in front of the basket you will be able to jump up and do all kinds of schemes and tricks to get a higher score. If an opponent has taken your ball, you will be able to run after it, and with the mouse, you can direct the player to run exactly on the appropriate path. Use the arrow keys to steal the ball, then immediately run in the opposite direction. The real players in the game will be represented by real people, and the computer-controlled players will be dressed in animal costumes, respectively in giant, yellow bears.

The matches last for quite a while, about one minute, but you will need to know that each time a point is registered, the match ends and you have to start again from the middle of the field.

How to play?

use the mouse and the arrows.

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