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Published09.05.2017 2 is also known as the Picnic Edition, which brings new skins, new colors, a bigger map, and more players to play with from all around the globe, as that is what happens in multiplayer IO games, this one is no exception.

When it comes to them, snake games multiplayer has constantly been the most popular, since it's a simple kind of competition to have, which makes things exciting, and we're now going to show you how to take over and win!

Become the biggest snake in 2 online!

Control your snake-like avatar using the mouse, moving around the map to eat the pellets, which will not only increase your score, which is reflected in the leaderboards but also your physical size. That is very important because being a bigger snake will help you survive more.

The foods you can eat here are foods that you can usually find at picnics, hence the title:

  • ice cream
  • burgers
  • cake
  • cherries and other fruits
  • eggs
  • candy

Find players that have a smaller snake than you and crash into them to eliminate them, taking over their points and food, but watch out for the players who are bigger than you, since they will hunt you instead!

The edge of the maps is also off-limits! Start right now, and slither your way to victory!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

Tips & Tricks

  • Get lots of points and kills to earn hats and prizes for your snake avatar!
  • Remember to avoid the big players, hunt the small snakes!

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