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What is 2 ? 2 2 is such a great io online game, which brings you the opportunity to use the mouse in order to make sure that you'll move with your snake, all over the game screen, in order to find and collect all the glowing dots, which are such a great kind of food for you and your slither creature, your snake. The goal is to make your snake the biggest one possible, in the whole map so do not forget that crashing onto bigger and larger snakes, if an act of craziness from you and you'll instantly die. Do not miss your chance to survive and make your crawling creature become the top in the rank top so for this, you'll need to collect so many glowing dots. When you get larger, hunt the other smaller snakes, in order to crash onto them, kill them and eat their traces because this way, you will become larger and larger when it comes to the size of your snake, so let's do this right now. It is so important for you to deal with this situation so let's start by now, with wandering there, all over the game screen. Switch the colour of your slither character and turn it however you want!

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Use the mouse