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What is ?

It’s time to turn off your brain for a bit and play The reason why we tell you to turn off your brain is that you can spend hours on and not even know it. The only thing you do on is to control your snake in a seemingly endless space populated by other players trying to be the biggest snake on the board.

The gameplay for is simple: Use the mouse or the directional keys to move the snake around, collect orbs, and try to take out other snakes.

Getting Started In game

To get started in, you will want to change the skin of your default snake or build a slither of your own. If you click on “Change Skin,” you’ll also see the option to build your slither. Create a snake with your favorite color or build, one you will want to see slithering across your screen for hours at a time.

Is Mouse Or Directional Pad Better For Movement?

In our opinion, you get a better reaction time when turning the snake with the mouse. The up and down arrows feel a little slower on the snake turns.

Tips For Playing

    You cannot kill yourself. Unlike the old snake games, you can turn around and hit your own tail without dying. In fact, you’ll simply fly through your tail with no issues.
    Worry about growth before killing. Don’t worry about scoring kills like a tiny snake. It might be tempting at first to try to kill someone if they’re not paying attention, but you might make a reckless mistake and get taken out by someone else in the process.
    When you’re long enough to start killing, go for the small prey. Work your way up by taking out unsuspecting newbies. If your snake is long enough, you can encircle a smaller snake and trap it. The poor newbie snake will have nowhere to go.

How to play?

Use the mouse to move.

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