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Published02.05.2017 is one of the best versions of snake games, as well as Agar.Io games, which had inspired all after it, combining these two elements into one to result in a really dynamic and fun multiplayer experience, as with most IO games, where you get in and start playing directly!

Well, not quite directly, as you need to enter a username, and make sure to do great to rank high and prove yourself against other players!

Be the biggest snake in online!

Control your snake using the mouse or the arrow keys, moving around the map with the intent of eating as many orbs as possible, since they give you growth, as your goal should be to become a snake as big as possible.

Smash into smaller snakes to eliminate them, while making sure not to let yourselves get hit by the snakes that are bigger than you. The remains of players you’ve eliminated can be taken for you, so eat them up!

Don’t worry about eating your own tail like in classic snake games, since it cannot happen here. If you do good and rank well, you can use earnings to change skins from the main menu, customizing the way your snake looks.

Start slithering around right now, and don’t stop here, since we’ve got even more great io games in store for you!

How to play?

Use the MOUSE.

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