Slither Birds

16.03.2022 17.589 51 votes

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What is Slither Birds?

Slither Birds

Slither Birds represents one of the very few io multiplayer games to have been added into our Angry Birds Games category so far, which means that you are about to have a fresh experience, but one that you will love, even more so if both these formats are already to your liking!

Slither through the birds and get the highest score!

After entering your name, use the mouse to move your bird around the sky, where you will try grabbing and eating as many eggs as possible, because that increases your size, and also your score.

Having a bigger size allows you to eat and eliminate smaller players when you bump into them, but if you see someone bigger than you, avoid them at any cost, because touching them means your death.

It's that simple, and with the points, you earn from each round you can buy new skins to use for your birds. Good luck we wish you all, fun from start to finish, and we hope that you stick around for more to come!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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