Crazy Birds 2

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Crazy Birds 2
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What is Crazy Birds 2?

Crazy Birds 2

Crazy Birds 2 is the game that you need to play right now if you are feeling nostalgia for Angry Birds Games online, but, at the same time, would want something a bit different, and this is what this game offers since it takes the premise but gives it a new feel and look, so playing it is a must, believe us!

Let's shoot the crazy birds to defeat the nasty pigs!

On various platforms, to the right side of the screen, you can find pigs, and the goal you have in each level is to knock them all to the ground, something you use the crazy birds for. Use the mouse to aim and shoot them with the slingshot, and bring down all the pigs to finish the level.

Try to find weak spots in the platforms and places where the pigs are sitting so that you knock down as many pigs with as few shots as possible. This is because you have a limited number of birds you can shoot per level, and if you waste them without defeating all the pigs, the level needs to be restarted.

The better you perform, the more stars you get, so try always getting 3 out of 3, and increase your score level after level! Enjoy, and stick around for more, you are not going to be disappointed in the least!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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