Angry Ducks

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What is Angry Ducks?

Angry Ducks

Angry Ducks is one of the best spin-offs Angry Birds Games online that we invite you to play right now for free on our website, where ducks are birds too, but not the ones that you are used to, as we've now got brand new characters to have fun shooting around in the air, a safe bet for you to be having fun right now!

Shoot the Angry Ducks to win the war of birds!

With the mouse, you will pick up birds and put them in the slingshot, and then you aim and shoot them by dragging and releasing the mouse button, doing it so that you hit the platforms, tear them down, and defeat by eliminating all of the birds on said platforms, which is when the level is cleared.

Ran out of ducks to shoot without taking down all your targets? You lose. Each new level is more difficult than the one before, so always focus harder and give more interest. Good luck, all the best we wish you all, and we hope to see you around more, you're always having fun here, no doubt!

How to play?

Use the mouse.

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